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Cider Making — Home Brew Online Forum
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  • 11/07/11--07:34: Cider yeast starter...
  • Hi guys im new to the forum and new to brewing! Yesterday I pressed my apples to make cider. After watching afew videos on youtube I added a tea spoon of sugar and one of yeast to a glass of tepid water. After an hour i came back to it. There were a few, really not many, small bubbles. I thought Id have a go and add this to my apple juice and check in 24hours. Iv come back to it today and it seems nothing has happened. Does anyone have any thoughts? Could the yeast be dead? Am I just expecting too much too quick?

    I really dont want to loose the apple juice so any help/advice would be so appreciated.

    Thanks so much

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  • 11/18/11--03:02: More cider questions...
  • Hi guys. Thanks for all your help on my last post. As you will have seen it looks like the yeast was dead, hense not working. Anyway everything has been fermenting away for just over a week and is looking good. My question is, am i ok to let it ferment for the whole process in my barrel, rather than putting it in to demijohns? i have done the hole thing in a barrel rather than brewers bucket then demijohns. I hope this will work.

    Also, when i come to bottling (i would guess in another two or three weeks), i would like to get some carbination in the bottles. Would the best way to do this be by adding a tea spoon of sugar to each bottle before filling and capping? Thanks so much the help is so apreciated! I hope these arnt too basic questions!

    Thanks!! Alex :)

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  • 11/21/11--01:12: cider help
  • new to brewing
    iv got magnum cider in fermenting bucket.1s ready can i mix sugre in a keg then put in demijohns or will they explode?wots best way for secondery fermention? and bottleing what do i do first?

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  • 11/26/11--03:24: black rock cider
  • Hi all i am new to this and 10 days ago i fermented some cider on the tin it says temp should be between 23 and 27 degrees if i wrap fermenting bucket in an old duvet to keep it warm will this be ok? still no signs of it fermenting yet though

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  • 11/24/11--06:32: Yeast
  • Hi everyone,may i say what a fantastic find to stumble over this forum.Any way my question i have brewing my own cider and i am very happy with the results.I have been completing the second fermentation in 2litre cider bottles and it has had a very pleasing sparkle to it.But i seem to have to much yeast in the bottom of the bottle which spoils the final cider by clouding up.So is there a better way of doing this,or is it iam carrying to much yeast over from the first fermination,I have been racking it if at 1005 on the hydrometer,starting from 1050. Should i be leaving this longer ? Primary fermentation has been finished between two to three weeks, 5 galls at a time in the warmth of the kitchen, using a champagne yeast, I was going to try your 500 ml pet bottles next as smaller amount smaller amount of yeast.Could i do the second fermentation with the bottles inverted,so i could release the cap and pour this of,before turn the bottles over and pouring ??.Also what do you recomend for your plastic bottles,I was concerned about using clear uv light etc etc,not that it lasts that long...
    Sorry to be a pest but what is the maximum temp for primary fermentation,I ask as I am retiring to the top north west tip of Thailand and i want to continue brewing there.

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  • 12/05/11--23:10: second firmentation
  • Hi have not done any home brew for about 20 year .Have now got a magnums pear on the go and want to keg after firmentation has finished. do i need to put suger in keg to make it fizzy. As i will be using co 2 bulbs as well

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  • 10/25/11--11:28: cider smell
  • hi,ive just started my 2nd batch of cider.its been fermenting for 4 days and ive noticed a bad smell,like sulfer.
    i didnt have this smell with the first batch,and its the same make off cider.will the smell go or is there something wrong?

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    I've never made cider before and upon following instructions for the above mentioned it advises 'for bottling to add 1 teaspoon of sugar per 750ml, or you can use a pressure barrel (which I am), to transer to the keg and then add 60g of sugar and seal'? Does that mean 60g per 750ml or in total for the whole barrel?

    I don't want to put way to little or way too much in?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated


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  • 02/23/12--08:42: magnum cider kit
  • i'm brewing magnum cider for the first time i started it on monday night.there was no activity in thu


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  • 06/23/12--08:07: First time brew
  • Hi to all I have just tasted my first lot of cider done with the
    BrewBuddy Home Brew Buddy Starter Kit. I have done all as per the instructions (to the letter) just opened the first bottle and not impressed !!! What have I done wrong ?? It tasts like fizzy carbonated water with a hint of apple ?
    Whats wrong with it ? any help please.

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  • 06/30/12--07:56: sugar to start fermentation
  • i have read the instructions on the finlandia cider range and it seems to say 800g for starting fermentation is this right ? cos looking at how much sugar it seems a lot ?

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  • 07/13/12--19:31: First home brew
  • My partner as just bought me a cider kit, and rather then rush things I decided to read up a little first. I'm thinking that bottling the cider would be my best option as I go through stages of drinking and not, and also like my beer ice cold. I've already decided I'm going to buy a little bottler before I start. Can u recommend best bottles to use? Is it better to use smaller or larger bottles, glass or plastic etc, and also can I use normal pop/beer bottles (plastic). If I bought replacement lids would this work? Any advice in general would be much appreciated, I'm a fan of ciders like old English and thatchers gold. Thanks for your time.

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  • 08/01/12--08:52: Please Help Me!
  • Ok so I'm a total newcomer to homebrewing. I've bought a brew buddy complete starter kit for cider, I'm unsure how much yeast and nutrient I should use to make 40 pints? Could someone help me on this? It would be much appreciated, I don't want to mess things up right at the start!

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  • 08/30/12--06:37: Young Brew Buddy cider
  • Hi all


    First time poster and first time brewer, i bought a brew buddy kit of ebay that came with the cider ingredients.


    I have had my brew on for 8 days now and the fermentation seems to have finished, but the cider isnt clearing should i leave it a few more days before i bottle ? i have taken a hydrometer readind and it showing 1004


    Any help would be great

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  • 09/09/12--16:01: FIRST BREW!
  • hey guys!

    recently bought my first kit, done my first batch today :)

    my friend also bought one of the kits before me, he has had it a over a week fermenting but the process slowed down so it was doing nothing! we used what was recommended, and the sugar, we used apple juice 100% juice as its hard this time of year, he decided to put another sachet of yeast in, was this a bad idea?

    im going to leave mine, i used a different juice, also 100%, my question for me is when bottling this, is it drinkable straight away? does it get stronger with age? do i need to filter it? the instructions given give me the impression you can drink it straight away and no filtering is needed if you use juice?

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    hi all new to here here we go with this wakey recipe that i have come up with

    i have got a apple tree next door so i picked the apples and juiced them i got 2ltr out not much but for free 
    then put 500g of suger half a caption tablet in yeast nurtreunt  pectin and a whole packet of 48 turbo yeast
     the sg reading was 1.100 so normal fermenting would have produced about 14% i dont know weather this yeast will make it any higher 
    at the moment the air lock is going crazy and does not look like apple juice any more it looks more like a milk colour but i will add turbo clear and see what happens    will update you on monday hopfuly will of finished fermenting